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Winners & Jury


The dotHIV contest is over. We are happy to announce the lucky ten winners. Thanks for all the interesting ideas and all the creative participants!

Here is our Top-Ten: 
Main prize 1. + 2. Place: A dotHIV domain + ticket + presentation for the NEXT Berlin 2015 

Bene Marco. Art Director. Hamburger from Vienna, Austria & Marco Prehler. Junior-Texter. Hamburger from Frankfurt, Germany
The idea: Digital Tripping Stone 
Jury comment: Johann Füller “ This creative idea provides a perfect solution for website owners and is smart, clever and innovative. Thank you, Bene and Marco for being such creative thinkers.“


FelixAlt, Manager at Stixta, Berlin, Germany
The idea: Flyer for a social cause
Jury comment: Patrick Ryan “A sticker on the laptop helps initiate conversations with new friends that may not have happened. Stixta helps dotHIV bridge the analog/digital divide.“ 

The places 1-10 were awarded with a dotHIV domain:

Montgomery, 23, studies social work in Berlin, Germany
The idea: Stubs in the City 
Jury comment: dotHIV “Pulling off condoms…the idea is edgy and has a high fun factor. We like it.“ 

Emilien, Executive MBA Student in Strategic Marketing, University of Geneva, Switzerland
Jury comment: Johann Füller “This was one of the most well-thought-out ideas of the .hiv contest. I want to highlight the engagement of Emil, who actually tried to bring his idea into life by contacting UNAIDS.“ 

Flash Gordon, 26, studies business chemistry in Kiel, Germany
The idea: URL shortener
Jury comment: Kate Michi Ettinger “URL Shortener is a clever way to spread awareness about .hiv in the course of everyday web activity – great idea!“ 

Luis da Silva, student at Bayreuth University, Germany
The idea: .HIV as Email-ending 
Jury comment: dotHIV „It would be great if every company that buys a domain, also uses it in their email address! Luis is right, the email address is a very important contact detail which is seen by so many people a day.“ 

Rob88, Promovend Innsbruck & Tiberiu, Constantia
The idea: Billboard Sticker 
Jury comment: Kate Michi Ettinger “Billboards that websites are a fun way to engage people offline in .hiv clicks – love the hybrid approach“ 

Vincente Gomez
The idea: The digital T-Shirt 
Jury comment: Michael Trautmann „ The idea of a digital shirt which is fed by twitter/Facebook posts is genius and a fun thing too. I would love to see a digital shirt happen in future.“  

The idea: Corporate Wake-up Call
Jury comment:Johann Füller "It's an easy thing to implement this idea. I hope that big companies with their manpower  join the fight against HIV."

Winner of the MVP: 30min Skype call with a jury member + a dotHIV domain

Kate Rushton, works as analyst in the energy sector in London, Great Britain
Jury comment: Michael Trautmann „ I think it has great potential to raise awareness for .hiv domains. It is a very good example for Guerilla Marketing. "

We congratulate all the winners and hope that dotHIV goes viral and so contributes to the fight against HIV!

Our Jury members come from a wide range of expertise that is important for the big vision of dotHIV. The jury pool consists of high-level experts from the USA and Germany with knowledge, experience and networks in the digital and creative industries, social entrepreneurship, HIV/LGBT activism and innovation research. This is the chance to let your ideas be reviewed by international thought leaders on digital innovation. 
Here they are:

Dr. Michael Trautmann – the communication mastermind. Former Global Head of Marketing at AUDI AG and founder and board member at the well-established German ad-agency thjnk (formerly: kempertrautmann) – just to name his most prestigious previous and present titles. In 2004, he was one of three German managers nominated in “Top 40 under 40” (marketing leaders in Europe) by the magazine “Media & Marketing”. In 2009 the agency Kempertrautmann was nominated “Global Newcomer Agency of the Year” by an international jury. Michael will have an eye on creativeness and originality of the submitted ideas, and is always on the look out for fresh creative talents. 

Kate Michi Ettinger is a social impact strategist. Since dotHIV has an innovative business model based on a social cause, her experience and forward thinking in social innovation are a gift and constant source of inspiration. Not only is she a strategy advisor for social enterprise start-ups, but also an e-health entrepreneur with wide tech expertise. She launched OpenQRS, an initiative to build open source tools to assure the quality, reliability and safety of medical devices designed for low resource settings. Currently, she is also part of the advisory board at mycelium - a learning community. Kate is a true world citizen, with roots in San Francisco, in health care ethics and the art of mediation. She will check ideas for their social impact value, and scouts for the next big thing for good.

Prof. Dr. Johann Füller is Professor for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the Innsbruck University School of Management. He is Fellow at the NASA Tournament Lab-Research at Harvard University and visiting scholar and research affiliate at MIT Sloan School of Management. As CEO of HYVE AG, the innovation company behind this contest, he makes sure that academic findings about innovation find their way into reality. Johann won numerous awards for his research in the fields of crowdsourcing, co-creation, and online innovation communities. In 2012 „Handelsblatt“, ranked him #33 among 3.000 professors in business administration across Austria, Germany and Switzerland. He is looking forward for your innovative ideas.

Sean Strub is a hero of the global HIV movement. A long-time activist who has been HIV positive for over 34 years, Sean has lived through the dramatic and turbulent history of the epidemic, and today he is an expert on HIV prevention. He is the founder of POZ Magazine, the leading independent global source of information about HIV and the Sero Project, an organization dedicated to destigmatizing and decriminalizing HIV and AIDS. His bestselling autobiography „Body Counts: A memoir of Politics, Sex, AIDS and Survival“ was published this year. Sean is a .hiv first mover as he manages two of the very first .hiv websites on the web – and His eye is on ideas that help dotHIV to contribute to the central vision: the end of AIDS.

Patrick S. Ryan  When it comes to questions of ethics and policy in relation to the Internet system, Patrick is the man to ask. Dr. Patrick Ryan is Operations Principal with Google Inc., and as such helps his company navigate the most difficult territories of right and wrong in an ever-changing field of IT innovation between free expression, governmental influence and economic interest. Prior to joining Google, Patrick spent 18 years as a lawyer advising companies on the deployment of next-generation networks, international investment, and intellectual property. Patrick’s special interest for the contest lays in clear, straightforward ideas that don’t get lost in the complex background of dotHIV.